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Model: HM-60010
Aufricht Retractor Solid Blade, 6" (152mm) length, 8mm Wide..
Model: HM-3022
Model: HM-7016
Coronal Lift 7 Prongs Retractor / MARTINEZ KILNR RETRACTOR 11cm 10mm Wide..
Model: HM-4022
Stainless steel | Obwegeser Periosteal Elavator | Obwegeser Nasal Septum Osteotome..
Model: HM-3014
Model: HM-2064
Castroviejo Needle Holder With Lock, Straight, Curved, T.c / Standard9 cm12.5 cm14 ccm16 cm..
Model: HM-5071
Ferreira Breast Augmentation Retractor Fiber Optic | Breast Augmentation RetractorFerreira Breast Augmentation Retractor Fiber Optic 5-1/8" (130mm) ha..
Model: HM-5075
Ferreira Breast Augmentation Retractor Insulated Blade With Plain Tip | Ferreira Breast Augmentation Retractor InsulatedBlue Insulated Blad Ferre..
Model: HM-5052
Ferreira Fiber Optic Retractor Breast Augmentation Retractor 18.5cm With Plain Tip | Ferreira Fiber Optic Retractor Stainless steel..
Model: HM-5091
Surgical Fiber Optic Cable length 225cm 6mm Silicon | Autoclavable Fiber Optic Light Cable | Surgical Autoclavable Fiber Optic Light Cable..
Model: HM-5078
Harrington retractor with suciton and FIBER OPTIC | Harrington suciton FIBER OPTIC RetractorHarrington retractor , Harrington retractor with suciton a..
Model: HM-5074
Killian Nasal Speculum With Fiber Optic | Killian Septum Nasal Speculum with Suction with Set Screw Locking MechanismKillian Septum Speculum Fiber Opt..
Model: HM-5076
Sculpo Breast Retractor Endoscopic | Sculpo Breast Retractor Endoscopes with adjusting screw | Sculpo Breast Retractor fiber opticSCULPO Breast Retrac..
Model: HM-5077
Tebbetts Fiber Optic retractor | Insulated Blade With Teeth  | TEBBETS Breast Augmentation Retractor Insulated Blade With serrated TipInsulated T..
Model: HM-11-01
Martin Simplex stainles steel 10,5 cm / 4 1/ 8"  ..
Model: HM-02-07
Austin Tissue Retractor STAINLESS STTEEL  16 cm / 6 2/ 8 Austin Retractor without handle, used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, ..
Model: HM-21-01
Bauer Type Intraoral Retracor left STAINLESS STEEL 21 cm / 8 2/ 8..
Model: HM-21-01
Bauer Type Intraoral Retracor Right STAINLESS STEEL 21 cm / 8 2/ 8" ..
Model: HM-13-01
Model: HM-24-01
BUER TYPE Oral Retractor RIGHT STAINLESS STEEL 24,5 cm / 9 5/ 8" ..
Model: HL- 90032
Baynoet Tmescent Infiltrator liposuction cannula  with one piece handleAlthough this cannula could technically be used for fat suction it is us..
Model: HL- 90015
Healermed instruments Provide Special Quality of Blugerman I,Blugerman liposuction cannula With Fix Attached Handles..
Model: HL- 90042
Healermed instrument provide High Quality of Cane Superficial liposuction cannula With Fixed Handle, Reusable Autoclavable..
Model: HL- 90016
Healermed instruments Provide Special Quality of Cobra K Liposuction Cannula , Cobra K+ With Fix Attached Handles Liposuction Cannula..
Model: HL- 90029
Healermed instrument provide High Quality of Diagonal Cannula With Three Holes, Fix Attached Handle Liposuction cannula...
Model: HL- 90022
Healermed instruments  Double Mercedes tip cannula with one piece handle cannula  made in aluminium light weight and different diameter of h..
Model: HL- 90037
Spatula dual port liposuction cannula with one piece handlemade in aluminium light weight and different diameter of handle available  Different O..
Model: HL- 90043
Schwarcz Facelift Infiltrator with one piece handlemade in aluminium light weight and different diameter of handle available  Different Option fo..
Model: Hm-set-001
Abdominoplasty Set includesScalpel blades #15Scalpel blades #21Scalpel handle, #7Scalpel handle, #4l longRagnell kilner scissors, 13cm, curved – flatt..
Model: Hm-set-002
Ruler StainlessKnife Handle No #3Halsted Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cmMayo-Hegar Tc Needle Holder 16cmWebster Tc Needle Holder Plain Tip 12.5cmAdson ..
Model: Hm-set-004
Blepharoplasty Set- 1 0f 4 IncludesSteel Ruler 6″Scalpel Hand #3 With Metric ScaleIris Sciss Straight Supercut Sharp/Sharp 4 1/2″Iris Sciss Curved Sup..
Model: Hm-set-005
Blepharoplasty Set- 2 of 4 IncludesAdson-Brown Tissue Forceps TC 7×7 Teeth, 12cmRibbon-Type Blepharoplasty Scissors Curved 10.5cmRibbon-Type Blepharop..
Model: Hm-set-006
Blepharoplasty Set- 3 of 4 IncludesGillies Delicate Retractor 19cmJoseph Skin Hook 16cm 2mm Double Prong SharpDesmarres Lid retractor 9x12mm 13 cmScal..
Model: Hm-set-007
Blepharoplasty Set- 4 of 4 IncludesScalpel Handle #3 StandardStevens Scissors 11.5cm Curved SharpStevens Scissors 11.5cm Curved BluntNeivert Needle Ho..